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Evangelicals defend kiddy fiddler Roy Moore.


OutlawJosie 6 Nov 30

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this whole thing makes me ill as well as the resignation of Franken


Wtf kind of person does or condones this? Ugh.


Suffer the little children... Evangelicals have been fiddling with kiddies as long as the pedophile priests but they have a more sophisticated cover up and a lower threshold for forgiveness. "I have sinned against you my lord".

That's terrifying for any young person living in such a community

just another twist on the abuse of power. We have the evangelicals, the priests. the mormonish cult about 10 years ago in Utah. When I was on a reservation some medicine men did the same,Jim JOnes and any cult you want to think of. and the child brides in Muslim countries.It is universal, just different branding


You're right disgusting-I didn't realize Holy Rollers were that ignorant

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