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When/how did doubt about God's existence occur?

For former believers, what started the train of doubt that led you to be atheist or agnostic? Was it a moment or a build up of events?

VampFatale 4 Apr 16

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When I was paralyzed from a motorcycle accident

As a child when I learned about Adam and Eve I found it strangly morbid how any divine entity would perform such a cruel test on such innocent creatures that he created.  To me, it was the same as putting a cookie out for one of my sons, telling them YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH THIS, then, when they do what comes natural to them (eating the cookie), killing them and their decendents, forever.  It just made no sense to me.  "Free will" is bullshit to me.  If god intended to have a perfect world, he COULD HAVE made one if he's the omnipotent and omniscient being that he's proclaimed to be.  He didn't have to keep Satan or any of the angels around for that matter if they needed to be taught a lesson in obedience.  Just get rid of them and go back to the drawing board.  As a Software Engineer, when a piece of software fails due to my faulty coding, I don't blame the end users or anyone else.  I blame myself and I fix my code.  He chose to create "faulty code" then doomed them (and all other living beings) forever because of something he chose to make faulty in the first place.  If you wanted us perfect, you should have MADE us perfect; otherwise, let us eat the fucking apple if we want it WITHOUT REPERCUSSIONS.  Of course, he had to prove he was this almighty fucking being and we should bow down to him, never question him and be the subservient slaves that we should be...and if we don't, we're somehow wrong.  So yeah, when I was a kid.
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