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Surreal is the word for it. Weird times. A third o America has been on a diet of Fox News, Alex Jones, Ken Ham, and Rush Limbaugh for decades, where the facts are adjusted to fit the narative. This "audit" is just that, the Creation Museum of politics. No different that anti-evolution YECers, so there's essentially zero chance they will ever accept Trump's defeat.
Surreal GOP ‘Audit’ in Arizona Is Off the Rails—and Just Getting Started []

Druvius 8 May 21

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As to what GOP-trifecta states are doing to voters, I read long ago that the Constitution requires a territory admitted as a state to provide a small-r republican government. A state isn’t allowed to be a tyranny.

I did a BING search and found Historically, Congress has applied the following general procedure when granting territories statehood:
The territory holds a referendum vote to determine the people's desire for or against statehood.
Should a majority vote to seek statehood, the territory petitions the U.S. ...
The territory, if it has not already done so, is required to adopt a form of government and constitution that are in compliance with the U.S. Constitution.


Now it looks like with the chain of custody lost, AZ may have to replace Maricopa county's voting machines. []
At least that would be action on the side of security.


These conspiracy theories are frightening because they're believed much like religion. Think Salem Witch Trials and Blood Libels. We haven't evolved much since the Middle Ages.

Whoa! Choose pronouns more carefully.

You and I and others here have evolved. Theists haven’t.

@yvilletom We as a species. lol

@barjoe NO GENERALIZATION IS TRUE, even this one.

@yvilletom y r u yelling?

@barjoe I yelled because IMO, “We as a species” is a dogmatic defense for an emotion-driven choice of pronouns.

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