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Looking for a similar minded woman for dating and possible long term relationship. I am in central PA

JoecamphillPA 1 May 23

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ur severely limiting ur opportunity id think

that requires them to know ur mind

i wonder if a gal would read that and get wet


What do you mean by "similar minded"? Or does the absence of a description mean you'll take anyone?


Using your first post here as a personal ad is a rookie mistake and a lame move...



Clear, smiling photos are key. To interest women, you need to write a profile.

Your profile is an advertisement to attract the type of woman you want to date. The best profiles are well written and interesting with a dash of humor. Your first paragraph should be short and say something positive about you.

Online dating is a written and visual medium. Correct spelling and grammar are essential. Write in short paragraphs. Nobody wants to read a wall of words.

Describe your best characteristics and strengths, your activities and what you are looking for in a relationship. Avoid anything negative. Nobody wants to date a negative person.

Describe activities you like and would enjoy doing with a woman.

Good luck with your search.


Hello and welcome. We are more a community than a dating site, although that is not an impossibility. But, most everyone here would like to get to know you better, and have you get to know us, first.

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