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For any and all of you who have questioned why your prays were never answered, I found the answer!!!!!

Here ya go:

7 Reasons Your Prayers Were Not Answered


SeaGreenEyez 9 May 24

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Thank you!!😂


Of course church leaders will never admit the obvious reason: There is no God there to answer them.


They are answered, just sometimes the answer is "no, stop being a f!ckwidget" and people don't like that the magic sky genie said no.(When your choices are yes, no, and wait, you can't lose the prayer being answered game)


A Jewish colleague of mine once told me that a Christian will never have their prayers answered because their prayers are a celestial "wrong numbers" they will not reach god because you are in effect shouting into the dialing tone.

My favourite Christian excuse for prayers not being answered is that "Prayers are always answered, only sometimes the answer is that god says no."


Harsh but totally in line with what they preach: "you ain't pure enough for gawd to listen to you"

Ultimately, they blame the individual. It's no different from voodoo or paganism.


I always thought they weren't answered because I'm a dick. That's what dad told me. He squatted down, one day, to look me in the eyes and he said, "Son. You're a dick. I love you but you need to know that you're a dick." Dad always told me the truth. haha


There's always the fine print.


Some sick sheet there.

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