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Why is it called “Pride Month”? Why should LGBTQ folks be proud?

I’ve heard people ask this question before but never really gave it much thought myself. They’re proud to be who they are, is always what I’ve assumed.

But now I know.

My son is 11. I’ve known (well, strongly suspected) he was gay starting when he was around 2 years old. I’ve been waiting for him to come to the realization himself.

In the meantime, I wanted him to know that love is normal, whatever way it comes. And I wanted to do this subtlety. So over the years, I’ve been careful to avoid words like “wife” or “girlfriend” when talking about his future. I always kept it neutral (spouse, partner, someone you like). And I’ve let him watch “Schitt’s Creek” and “Say I Do” — shows that feature gay marriages. I didn’t want him to think there’s only one way to live/love, and I didn’t want him to repress who he is.

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet little man told me he’s gay. What did I feel? Surprisingly, PROUD. I was proud of him for admitting to himself who he is. I was proud of him for admitting it to his friends and to me. I was proud of him for accepting himself, for being comfortable in his own skin — exactly the way he is.

So this year, I FEEL why it’s called Pride Month. I’m a proud mama bear, and will be so long as I live. 🌈

PS – Here’s a pic of him excited to be in a mermaid dress. He’s about 4 years old. ❤️

Apunzelle 7 June 3

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Good for you sweety

bobwjr Level 10 June 5, 2021

Not another liberal…..

That’s your entire takeaway? Must be very sad in your little world.


It’s a big world. I feel bad for the kid.

@CourtJester I’d say I feel bad for you, but nope. Don’t.


What a lucky kid to have such a supportive mom! Be proud of your baby and be proud of yourself! You deserve it!

Deb57 Level 8 June 4, 2021

Give him a kiss from me.

Umm wella what i wanted to say is ok.

I don’t have a clue what this means …?


My Father and Grandmother set out to shame me from age three or so for wanting to grow up to be a female. It almost worked and at this late date it may have due to health issues, but I was also tormented by shame and paranoia and over compensation for decades.
Every childhood photograph makes me look like I'm pissed off and judging everyone around me.
It turns out that if I'm not mired in morbid self doubt and paranoia I'm more loving and caring than Jesus Christ, even at his loving best in his fan fiction.
We don't feel pride due to some perceived superior trait, we feel pride because we're strong enough to look the judgmental world in the face and refuse to conform to their version of normal.

I know that suicide rates among the LGBTQ population is high, I think especially for kids. That’s why I made up my mind to make sure my little man would grow up loving and accepting himself, and being loved and accepted.

Too many families reject their own kids! How?! How is that unconditional love? 😢

@Apunzelle I don't know. I don't understand my parents even a little. To everyone's relief my Father died in 2001. I almost offed myself in 1983, then I decided that if I'm that bad someone else had to do it, why do their dirty work for them?

@Willow_Wisp Glad you are still here

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