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Who else identifies as an introvert? It’s not that I panic in public situations; I just feel overwhelmed in crowds and usually prefer one on one conversation.

HelenRoseBuck 6 June 15

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This is me to a T. The really good thing about the pandemic this past year is that I was able to telework, which I find a lot more beneficial to my well being. At the office, I constantly had to make small talk, which I loathe doing, and dealing with face to face meetings. Now, I can choose to mute and shut off my camera during Teams meetings. And I don't do well in public situations; I prefer to be in the background doing my work. It's not that I can't work in groups, because I can, it's just that I prefer not to be the center of all attention. Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it. Some people thrive at those situations, being able to take the lead. I prefer to work alone or in small groups.


I am a mix of introvert and extrovert, but lean more extrovert.

Like all personality traits, extroversion and introversion are on a wide spectrum.


Not me, but I generally prefer one on one interactions rather than a group social situation. I am more comfortable and relaxed in the former situation where I can go with the give and take and concentrate better on the conversation. As I understand it, a true introvert would prefer alone time to even a one on one social situation. I enjoy some alone time, but I enjoy time with a friend or partner more.

You are correct about introverts preferring alone time. I prefer alone time but I know that must interact with others for a healthy balanced life and mental health.
And it’s good to hear other people’s opinions sometimes.


I do. But I enjoy time with friends, too.


One of my regular restaurants when in Austin, pre pandemic, on cooler days, when I’m in the mood for TexMex!

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