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LINK Biden Admin Extends Protections To Transgender Students : NPR

This looks great. Until you read the fine print. Apparently there will be NO effort to stop the red states from carrying out their of-late anti-trans bills that have reached law status.

Some political theater, a little lip service is what this is. Sadly.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 16

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Depending on how they choose to enforce this it has the potential to be far more than lip service. This raises the possibility of a complete cut off of federal funds.

Or this is what the dems tend to do. Toss a few crumbs because it looks better than what the gop does with it's scorched earth approach to damn near everything these days.

@silverotter11 If read in it's entirety, this shall do nothing to the states that are wetting themselves over Trans-anything/everything. It's so disappointing.

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