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POLL Our Government Is Creating A Cryptocurrency | What You MUST Know - YouTube

Do you feel same way or not?
I for one feel skeptical about it ...


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Fecone 4 June 27

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Credit cards are a form of crypto currency... so is what is in your bank account. Most people don't realize what a crypto currency is and think crap like "BitCoin" is a good investment. News flash it isn't while bank accounts are insured against losses by the government bit coin is not. Private crypto currencies have zero value and are a scam and many of these are being run up in price by billionaires who will then cash out and devalue them leaving the gullible stuck with a bunch of worthless ones and zeros in the cloud.

very well, this is a very good comment, i have to say. "There is nothing that isn't controlled" but the smart few make thousands against the control of the billionaires.

@Fecone Until eventually they lose all they "made" and more... Like any form of gambling eventually the house wins it all back and you end up broke if you keep playing the game. In the last 4 years my net worth has gone up over 100K but I expect it will drop again when the market crashes for real estate but meanwhile it keeps going up. Since I need a place to live anyway I can wait out the crash and see a net increase on the far end while I make small cautious investments that will keep increasing in value. Casinos are a good way to lose what you have which is why it is called "gambling"...


That crypto-currency will be the USD.

There are already hundreds of mediums of exchange including every currency and commodity.

I doubt that I'll be buying any additional types of ponzi pence apart from the ones I currently use.

To proffer pieces of polymer promises for goods and services is already sufficiently hilarious.

Hmmmm this might just be true ... will be on the lookout for information like these.

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