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School board candidates are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Once again, I'm trying to suss out progressive school board candidates. Others are pretty much wolves in sheep's clothing: anti-sex education, anti-bathroom/gender friendly, spouting Fox News Critical Race Theory rhetoric.

There's a glaring lack of phone numbers on candidate flyers. Apparently they don't want to be quizzed by people like me.

I hope to bring more open-mindedness and diversity to the table.

LiterateHiker 9 July 4

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Go get ‘em! Ferret out the wolves


It's a backdoor to slanting education to right wing bullshit like prayer, creationism, excusing slavery etc

bobwjr Level 10 July 4, 2021

Had one here like that but a good Facebook campaign defeated her, a right wingnut . A real progressive educated professional won

bobwjr Level 10 July 4, 2021

Both candidates for a school board and the people who vote for them all too often forget that the purpose of a school board is to insure quality education for our children, not furtherance of a controlling ideology.

A sports metaphor. School boards are the junior varsity. The varsity players started there.


Sometimes putting in good people is hard and it take a lot of work to find that the best candidate might be yourself.

Yes if a job needs doing well, doing it yourself is usually the best option, but the trouble is that the whole world will happly let you carry it, if you are too willing.

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