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July 5, 2021

Dear Carlson,

You are a Dirty Rotten Tucker, as you will not admit to getting a vaccine because it would hurt your ratings. You are a coward of the worst kind hiding behind the trappings of wealth and privilege while your fellow Americans die. And many others in the world who buy into it.

Fox News, the Soup To Nuts Network, ladles up poison daily for the masses and is the 2nd worst virus in America tied with Trump. You lap it up and dole it out in large portions to gullible masses eager to consume every spoonful.

You are in the Top Five worst people in America, and are every bit as dangerous as your God, King Con Don.

If a meteorite from outer space were to hit you in your smug, smarmy face, I hope they bury you in Hoax Cemetery, where the stupid go to live.

Concerned Global Citizen.

P.S. Have a nice day because lots of people will never have one again thanks to you.

P.P.S. Shut You.

Tourirst 7 July 5

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Is it because you personally disagree or do you have proof that he’s wrong?

I do know; he is stupid and a coward.

How do you quantify that with facts rather than feelings?

@valentine4real ignore Court Jester, he is one of our resident right-wing fools.

@AnneWimsey Thanks, Anne.

@CourtJester I'm taking Anne's excellent advice and will ignore you.

@valentine4real It’s because liberals aren’t able to quantify facts with feelings. Point made.


Tell us how you really feel?


Well said. Thanks.

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