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What do y'all think about suggesting a correction to a mistake in someone's online dating profile? I've done it in the past, and it hasn't gone well.

For instance, here is a clear mistake that I'd like to point out but I don't want to jeopardize the start of a it might deter others who might think she's an idiot πŸ™‚
Question: "Thing that surprises people about me"
Her Answer: "When they don’t show compassion"
Clearly she misread it and took it to read "Things that surprise ME about people.
What say you? And yes I know there will be some, "well if she can't take criticism you don't want her" type stuff but to me it's not about that, I don't want to hurt someone's feelings

lerlo 8 July 13

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Giving unsolicited criticism rarely goes well.

Unsmiling pictures

Most guys post glum or stern unsmiling pictures. Nobody wants to date an angry or depressed man.

I suggest men smile: "Show your pearly smile!" Every guy I met with closed-lip pics was hiding horrid teeth. Ugh. Can't imagine kissing that.

Do they post smiling, happy pictures instead? Don't hold your breath.

Old photos

With online dating, 80% of people post old photos and lie about their age, studies show Come on! I want to see how they look NOW. I suggest men date their photos like I did. "Good idea," they reply.

Do they date their photos? Not a chance.


I've been there and will never do it again. Even politely pointing out an error in someone's profile gets a hostile, defensive reaction, in my experience, no matter how much you explain that you are trying to help and are interested in them. As a Catholic priest said to me, the first time I ever heard this saying, "No good deed goes unpunished." It always leads to the other person rejecting you, even tho on paper, at least, you seem compatible before the correction and the conflict it leads to.


I think it would depend on how you do it.

You might try saying I must have posed my question in a confusing way when I asked for things that surprise people about me. I was wondering what surprises people when they learn it about you.

it was a question the site asked...

@lerlo I guess then you could say I think the site posed the question in a confusing way.

@Lorajay good idea except it was pretty clearπŸ˜„

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