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LINK Fox News treats its viewers as fools with latest vaccine disinformation campaign |

It's not easy to keep up the facade when your base message is so dishonest.

From the link:

The worst part is that the numbers are only giving the Fox News elites more justification for the derision they have for their viewers. Polling shows over 86% of Democrats have gotten at least one vaccine, while only 45% of Republicans have. To make it worse, only 6% of Democrats reject the vaccine outright, whereas 47% of Republicans say they are unlikely to get vaccinated.

We all have heard over and over about the grave dangers of "liberal condescension," which is commonly blamed for Republican misbehavior as if Republicans weren't full adults responsible for their own decisions. In a recent piece for National Review Online, Michael Brendan Dougherty laid the blame for vaccine rejection at the feet of those promoting vaccines, writing that "attempts to answer skepticism or understand it end up poisoned by condescension" and that outreach to anti-vaxxers "feels like lowering themselves to answer people they believe to be less intelligent."

Dougherty, in a feat of truly spectacular bad faith, failed to acknowledge the two-ton elephant in the room, even as its manure is filling up the joint and getting people killed: That the main reason Republicans aren't getting vaccinated is that both Republican politicians and right-wing media are basically telling them not to. Oh, sure, they rarely come right out and say, "Don't get the shot." But Fox News is very good at getting that message across all the same, with segments that frame the shots as ineffective, dangerous, and a threat to "freedom".

RichCC 8 July 20

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How else do you treat fools?

Especially fools that pay so well. I just wish the fools actions didn't affect me -- or any group I care about.

Maybe if they didn't vote.
Shouldn't that be a rule?
Anybody who disagrees with me isn't allowed to vote.
I'm sure I saw that somewhere.

@RichCC These are the same folks who give there money to televangelists also. Then they turn around and bitch about being poor. That level of ignorance in the 21st Century is astonishing to me.


So what? The swine just fall for it and eat it up anyway..

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