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Uh-oh! A PBS program titled A World Without NASA?

Is NASA seeing budget cuts in its future? Is it wanting to frighten viewers into asking Congress to restore the cuts?

NASA has been overspending. I will view the program and decide.

yvilletom 8 July 21

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It isnot any of that, it highlights the lovely things we on Earth have benefitted from, from Tang......sorry, couldn't help myself......


I am not interested in the program. NASA has provided technological breakthroughs which benefit us.. and it has helped us to understand more about our place in the universe. Pursuit of the idea the human species , as a whole, will travel to and live on other planets is a total waste of huge sums of money.

Vatican City is to the Catholic fraud/religion what NASA is to the Big Bang fraud/religion.

I hope you aren’t saying that without NASA there would have been no technological Breakthroughs.

The Garden of Eden story about our place in the universe is a lie. So is the Big Bang story, LeMaitre’s attempt to use mathematics to confirm the Garden of Eden story. Neither of them is science; both of them are religion.

I agree with your final point — a huge total waste.

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