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If you are fully vaccinated, thank you!
If you are waiting for your second shot to become fully vaccinated, good job! You can do this!
If you are unvaccinated and over the age of 12, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.
If you have a serious health condition preventing you from being vaccinated, Iā€™m so sorry! Stay safe!

But, if you are choosing to not vaccinate because you heard something or read something that makes you think vaccines are poisonous or the pandemic is a hoax or you simply think this is just like the flu, I wish you well but hold little hope of the survival of your kind. Stay away from the rest of us!

HelenRoseBuck 6 July 21

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I might add that all of those on Fox News are most likely vaccinated and I read that it was a requirement regardless of what they say on air. I would suppose that it is an insurance requirement.

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