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I need to change my password because I cannot remember it, its been 5 years. I have a new phone and they are demanding my password. I tried changing it, but the first question is, "What is your current password?". I do not remember, that is why I am changing it. what a stupid thing to ask. I have tried logging in through my Google account, through my Facebook account, but no go. I have tried Login, Google, and Facebook at least two dozen times each.

I can get in with my computer, but I do all my entries on my phone as I do not always have my computer with. I went to Password Manager and used the saved password, but still no luck. This is a dumb way to reset your password.

t1nick 8 July 31

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Very irritating, and with each place demanding different things, eg: capitals, numbers and special characters you can't have a universal password


On most systems, "change password" and "forgot password" are two different procedures. In the first you prove that you are the account owner (rather than someone who has just found an account left logged in) by providing the previous password. But with forgot password typically a password reset link will be sent to your registered email address.

I suggest you try the forgot password link. Hope this helps

I've done both. problem is that they promise to send me a link but one never arrives. I've tried logging in the the Google link, I select my gmail address and nothing happens. tried this at least two dozen times.

@t1nick That's a shame. Could be that the old gears on this site need a bit of maintenence to get the email flowing again or there's something different with your account. My login uses facebook to confirm my identity rather than username and password. I see you've tried google. Think you need admin's input at this stage. Best of luck

I tried logging in through Facebook, and I got the message "This APP no longer supports your request" Go figure


This reminds me of Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” for some reason….a conundrum of a seemingly endless loop that once entered cannot be resolved or extricated from!

Very similar


might as well pray about it.

To the invisible god called Admin!

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