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Vaccine mandate hits home. Hooray!

"I got mandated to get the vaccine," my daughter, 31, groused today. "It's a personal choice! I need to relax today and process it so I don't get reactive." (By "reactive" she means lashing out in anger. Good self-control.)

This is great news. What a relief.

Her father and I despaired over Claire's refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Her employer Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland, WA mandated that all employees get the vaccine. It is owned by King County Public Health.

Imploring, arguing, emailing facts, and saying "I don't want you to die from the Delta variant" didn't work. She only got more stubborn.

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 15

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bobwjr Level 10 Aug 16, 2021

The mandates are the only way some people will get vaccinated, since they can save face a bit after being vocally against it. For others, there is a loophole for getting tested weekly or getting a religious exemption. A lot of work for those who could just take the easy out and simply get the vaccine. It the mandates help to get more people vaccinated, I think it's a good thing. Yes, they have a choice to either get vaccinated, (tested frequently for some) or find a different job where they are not near vulnerable people.


It's one thing when parents balk but this is the 2nd daughter I have heard of that is a scaredy cat. A guy who works out every day in our Lopez Fit (he's in his late 70's or early 80's) told me his daughter who lives in Spokane won't get the vaccine. He told her until then she's not to come here. What's with people?


Good news, mama!


Claire....nice name. good luck.



"Claire" was my choice. When she was born, her dad and I had a standoff. He wanted to name her "Phoebe." All I could think of was a small brown bird.

"Claire" means clear and bright in French. Claire loves her name.

@LiterateHiker Marilyn was my choice. My former partner said the family had a plan on naming all the kids with M names, Margaret, Monica, Martina and Mark. That worked for me as my mothers name was Marilyn. Her 2nd name was after her mother's mother, Louise. However, her mother never bonded with her daughter (and she often admitted this) and for the first 7+ years of her life I was the primary parent until her mother kidnapped her and ran away with a Naval officer (she was/is bi-polar and he an alcoholic). Luckily, my daughter was tough and from day one had a strong sense of independence. She is now 45 yo and long since fledged. But she and I have bonded but she also knows that I will comment when I feel she needs correction (and this goes for me as well). She also has a serious assertive problem (her husband will not get vaccinated and even though she knows this she feels helpless). That needs to change.


People have no choice when they can make others sick. Should be a Mandate globally.


Sounds like a burden was lifted off your shoulders. To me, given the spread of variants(as predicted), there is a difference between "personal choice" and "public safety".


Be thankful she’s getting it. Even though she’s against it, which is amazing with such an awesome mom, she’s going to be protected. My two repub sons are not getting the shots, and so far my youngest son isn’t getting his 13 year old vaccinated. They are keeping the youngest home since she’s only 3. The propaganda out there is strong unfortunately. 😟


Perhaps your daughter has started on a journey to rid herself of her prejudices?

And I am delighted for you. 🙂


My oldest is in the Army Reserve in Florida...him and all his buddies are "Republicans" and have refused to get the vaccine...I called my son last night to say hello...guess who is sick with COVID ... Dr. Told him to quarantine...thats really all they can do...Hospital ER is FULL and he had to wait 3 hours in his car just to get tested and looked at...we lost his older brother due to a MC accident back in 09'...this is a nightmare...


It had taken me some time and a lot of effort and in the final out come I finally convinced my son to get vaccinated, and yesterday he got the boostershot, now he's safe, and I can breath easier.


Awesome! All is well that ends well!

Unity Level 7 Aug 15, 2021

Would you be willing to give us an update in a couple of weeks or so?

I'd be interested if she notices her life doesn't change.
Or will she figure she dodged a bullet and got away with cheating fate?

Just being nosy. Sorry and thanks(in a way).🙂


It is just amazing how stupid parents are, children eventually realize that they are smart, but it does take a while.


What do you mean? Are you calling us stupid?

@LiterateHiker p I'm pretty sure he's referring to the old adage that most kids think their parents are stupid until they actually grow up.

@Lorajay That is exactly what I meant. It took me until I was about 30 to tell my mother she was a lot smarter than I had thought. She smiled and said she wondered how long it would take.


Oh thank goodness!!!!! Such a relief!

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