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Was Buddha a dead beat dad?

The baby is born and suddenly Sid needs to go find himself. Great job squeezing the kid out honey. It's a little noisy around here now I think I'm going to go find some peace under a tree. I'm losing my worldly connections to show people how easy it is to be chill with no responsibilities. Be back in like 6 years. Hopefully the kid will be wiping his own ass by then.

You caught me in a sardonic moment. I do enjoy the art related to Buddhism and respect the high regard compassion, gratitude and mindfulness in many Buddhist practitioners and teachers. I think someone said nothing is the Buddha and everything is Buddha and those statues and Sid weren't really meant to be worshipped as gods anyway.

thinkwithme 7 Apr 20

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Different culture and different caste. Fathers weren't as active in raising or mentoring infants and there were servants and wet nurses and so forth (remember, Sid was royalty). Even Sid was a product of his times. Assuming of course that the stories about him are even accurate and unembellished, which is unlikely. It's arguably more likely that Sid was real than that Jesus was, so there's that. But I think the story was idealized and elaborated in the telling.


Hmmm.. well it was different culture, different times, as with most stories from that far back things get reinterpited, maybe she tossed him out? Who knows? Who cares. Many better things to contemplate in the now

It matters to some degree if people look at his choices as ideal. And you are correct different culture and time..


There was a Chinese restaurant in Miami that had a statue in front of Buddha on a turtle. Someone painted the turtles head red, and it looked like he had a stiffy.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 20, 2018

Yeah he was a bit of a dick to his missus and kids


Could he even get it up to father a child with all the weight he carring ?


Yep, I always thought he was actually, though at least I don't think he arranged for his son to be nailed to a piece of wood.


Me'thinks you misunderstand Asian culture. Even the concept of the daddy, mommy, children living happily in a nuclear family is only a recent western paradigm..since the 1830s. Before that, vast, extended families, with fathers having little to do with child rearing, was the norm.

In other cultures, especially here in Thailand, which is similar to that of the Nepal area, married couples often don't even live together, and the women prefer it that way. Marriage is for inheritance and children, but most people have side lovers, often of both genders since many seem to be bi.

I wonder what kind of wedding vows people take in that scenario if any...

@thinkwithme There are no wedding fact the couple says nothing to each other during the ceremony, but there are a lot of cool customs, like the groom passing through a series of symbolic "gates, where he has to perform tasks or answer embarrassing questions to allowed to pass, fetching his bride from another room, symbolic joining of bride and groom with the mong kol cord headpieces, joined by a string and the guests lining up to pour waters of blessing from a shell onto their clasped hands.


Buddha was a fat slob.

The images of a "fat, happy Buddha" are actually of a legendary Chinese figure of folk Buddhism representing good fortune named Budai. He can be called "a Buddha" or "a Bodhisattvah," but, legendary or based on a real person, he is not the historical Shakyamuni Buddha from India.

@birdingnut He is still a fat slob in my eyes ! Lol

@VAL3941 (Sigh...) On the contrary, Buddha fasted so much he was skin and bones..almost dead, before he had his enlightenment moment. After that he only had one small meal a day.

He was also a very, tall, powerful young warrior, a prince, said to be over six feet tall, and his branch of the ancient family has been reported in writings have warriors 7 ft tall. His father arranged for him to have hundreds of women to keep him happy when he was younger.

no, he wasn't

@birdingnut so why are all his statues and pics one of a fat slob. Just shows you what liars his followers were ! Lol

@VAL3941 They aren't! That's just the western tourists! In fact the Thai statues show a different Buddha, usually with small breasts, so he might have been intersex, but dunno. It's likely though because a Third Gender is part of Thai Buddhism.

Photos: My daughter and I posing by the 99-ft reclining Buddha on Ko Yo Island, near Songkhla, where i live. A row of statues depicting Buddha during different stages of his life. Seated Buddhas at a temple near the beach in Songkhla, Thailand

ok no fat shaming now!

@thinkwithme You are right, we are completely off the subject matter now. Yes, he was a great dad ! ( smile)

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