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LINK Cop Assaults Woman Trying To Walk Her Dog - YouTube

It's called "Walking your dog while black". It apparently elicits assault from the cops.

redbai 8 Aug 30

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That asswipe needs to be made an example of.


Disgraceful. How does the city justify employing such an overweight brain damaged man as a policeofficer? Quite rightly the womans points out that he is assaulting her by not wearing a mask & coming within 2 metres of her. It's a shame that she owned a little white dog & not a nice big black Rottweiler or German Shepherd but the oaf would probably have shot it.
He should be fired & his pension used to part compensate the woman but IMO she is fortunate not to have been shot.

A very sick city & country.


I am very, very angry about this! It looked to me like he was attempting a sexual assault.

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