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It’s done. The last to die occurred on Saturday, officially, though many deaths undoubtedly have yet to happen.

I call this The People’s War because 90% of The States of America demanded it. They called those of us who protested unAmerican (a good friend of mine, who never served our government, called me that) so I have little sympathy about the crocodile tears for Afghanistan life. Tragedies are part of war.

“The wise men were all fools.” Indeed. But we did win. Obama killed OBL and broke up al-Queda. That was the mission and he then tried to give them the ability to keep The Taliban from retaking power. That failed but it was a noble effort. Also enriched many Contractors but I’ll not go there now.

So it goes.

It’s good to be out.

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rainmanjr 8 Aug 30

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This song was written about Vietnam but it applies for today as well. We were in Afghanistan longer but lost 20 times as many lives in Vietnam. Playing the Bruce. I like it Neil.

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