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Should children under 15 be vaccinated for covid when some experts are urging caution?

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powder 8 Sep 3

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Because i almost died from measles when I was five. I'm partially deaf on one ear and was left with a heart murmur. There was a vaccine available. Children get vaccines for Polio, Smallpox, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Diptheria, Whooping Couch, Tetanus, Rotoviris, Chicken Pox (there's more). What's the big fucking deal?

@powder So how long have you been practicing immunology? Measles is making a comeback because of infectious disease specialists, like you.

@powder I'm not trying to convince you. Your expertise on this matter speaks for itself.


When I don’t have expertise in a field, I have to rely on those who do. When those who do don’t all agree, I have to listen to their reasons and use my best judgement as to who is right, and that would include but not be limited to noticing how many are on each side. A 52 to 48 split would require a lot of study. Anything better than 95 to 5 does not. Anybody who thinks 95 per cent of the world’s doctors are lying conspirators probably hasn’t thought things through.

skado Level 9 Sep 3, 2021


I think it's fine for people to discuss it, as long as they stick to the best data currently known, and to the medical/scientific consensus. The ethical questions are easy enough after we find out what the science says. So I have two questions:

  1. What are the actual numbers of children dying from covid vs. from the vaccine? I don't know those numbers, but I assume the CDC and anyone setting policy does, and is making decisions accordingly. If my trust is misplaced, please tell me upon what evidence you think so.


  1. Why do you believe natural immunity is better than from vaccine? My impression has been otherwise. What data do you have access to that I don't?


I don't feel compelled to go on every wild goose chase I'm invited to. It's your claim - you can defend it or not. I'm content, so far, to trust the system we have. It's not that systems can't be corrupted, but there needs to be credible evidence for me to become concerned, and I haven't seen it, and I do try to keep up with the news. One non-peer-reviewed study done on people who were sick from delta after being vaxxed only for alpha... doesn't tell me much.

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