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Just want to compliment a few people:

@VictoriaNotes and @irascible, I love the absolute logic with which you both are able to construct an argument! I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but you two are crazy-smart!

@evestrat Woman, you're MAD! And I love it! πŸ˜€

@bucketlistbob Brother, I truly love the tender way you speak of your wife, and the way you absolutely wear your heart on your sleeve.

@AMGT Your incredible strength truly humbles me.

@silvereyes You have an incredible ability to stimulate debate on a wide and varied range of topics. And you do so with grace and humour.

@MsOliver Your love and passion for your students is very admirable. If only all the teachers we had growing up were like you....

@Admin Dude, you're the man! You built this heathen sanctuary, and I for one thank you. πŸ™‚

@SarahSiddons You are incredibly sweet, humorous, intelligent and compassionate. And a fellow wandering soul. πŸ™‚

That's just a few I wanted to say thank you to for being who you are.

Kreig 7 Dec 1

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Awww brother. I truly love you too. You and the others you speak of are my brothers and sisters. That's how dear you and they are to my heart. I've been instructed by many for my thoughts on certain issues and its all good. I come here for advanced training. This is the most intelligent group of people I've had the pleasure to talk to and be criticize by. Criticize is good for me. That's the right word. We learn as we go here. There's a lot of smart people here that have done the searching for me and others. It beautiful. All you have to do is ask. It's up to you to listen. I got my scruples about certain issues, but I still listen to people that try to help me see. Thank you Kreig. Your a shining light to all if us.


Good job. Way to go guys!


You sir, are someone the world needs a lot more of. I just wish you were closer to America! That’s where the wandering soul comes in!

I’d put out a cute emoticon winking but all mine come out as question marks....


Maybe tell them in private, so the rest of us don’t feel left out.

Yes, and now I know you don’t care about me and my input either way.

I had felt very welcome here, until I saw your post. I actually thought this was a place for everyone. But now I see that there are favorites and specials. Now I know I’m just a shadow, imposing on your good time.

@Annaleda Although @Kreig hasn't placed you at the top of his list, I don't think that's any reason to feel left out by the community as a whole. I mean if @Admin specifically called out a handful of people, that'd be pretty messed up. I kinda feel left out too and even the "Super Members" thing feels a little off for that reason, even though I am sure it's an algorithm and not personal.

Personally, the thing about this site, that I find mildly irritating is that it's almost a hybrid of a social network where friendships become a map and you discover people through other friendships and a bulletin board system where everyone is closer to anonymous. I think that it's a paradigm we're not exposed to elsewhere, so I think people will come at it differently and some people might feel put off/left out sometimes.

To be clear, I am not opposing this direction at all(I think it is a great intellectual answer as to how to establish a community of sparse individuals), just pointing out a possible issue in hopes that looking at it differently might help ease some conflicting feelings.


[nodding and clapping] I couldn't agree more. These folks are the cream of the crop, and keep the discussion lively. Thanks to all of them, and you too, Kreig, for keeping me entertained whenever I sign on. πŸ™‚

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