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Screw it, I’m not eating French fries, French toast, or French dressing again AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!! That will teach them!!! 😎

Buck 7 Sep 16

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And you can absolutely not braid your hair in a French braid!

I bet you didn't even consider that! Is that really the world you want to live in? 😀


Hurry, ladies. This one's a keeper.



Go away

@Buck No, I´ll stay, even if some people here have lousy manners...

@Matias In that case, go fuck your self! 😊


But do keep using the French Letter. You know it makes sense.


And while you’re at it, no more French dip sandwiches made with a baguette (French bread) or French onion soup; get rid of that French door (if you have one) that opens to your patio; stop eating French vanilla ice cream or drinking coffee made in a French press; never listen to (or play) the French horn; and whatever you do, no more French kisses! That’ll teach those frogs! 🤣


Time to get renaming foods again...

"Freedom Fries"

"European-Style Eggtoast"

"Walloon Dressing"




What about french bread, french pastries, french onion soup, and french cut green beans?

Should have read yours first… sorry for the duplication! 🤦♂️

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