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LINK Tucker Carlson Gets Accidentally Owned By His Own Damning On-Screen Graphic | HuffPost

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s latest rant backfired briefly when a vicious on-screen graphic appeared to refer to him, if only for a moment.

snytiger6 9 Sep 17

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I didn’t hear it. If you tools could verbalize it; that would be fun.

It was the text that was displayed on the screen. It said "This man is very dangerous" while he was talking.

Dangerous to whom?

@CourtJester The point is that Fox News put up a banner saying "This man is dangerous" right when Tucker Carlson was on camera speaking. It was very funny... until I've had to explain it a couple of times.

@snytiger6 but dangerous how?

@CourtJester The banner was an accident and was likely meant to be put up with a ohto of the person Tucker was talking about, but instead it was put up while Tucker was talking and there was no photo meaning they accidentally put it up making it seem as if Tucker Carlson was dangerous.

I do not know how it was meant to indicate a person was dangerous, but they ended up mislabeling Tucker Carlson with the banner, which makes it finny... or it woudl be if I didn't have to explain ti.


Sounds like some Faux employees are fed up with him too!

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