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AgnosticJonah93 4 Oct 2

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What´s the difference between Socrates and Plato (concerning their philosophy)?


Camus, Popper, Habermas, Hume, WD Ross, Abu al-Alaa al-Maarri, Dennett…

Definitely NOT Ayn Rand 🤑


None of those. My top is Jean Paul Sartre.

The author of "Being and Nothingness" or the Communist?


Hello and welcome to the site.

If I may though I would say that I think that, Socrates and Plato are in many ways just about the same one, there are few surviving Socratic ideas which do not come through Plato, ( A few poor quality ones from Xenophon and one or two others, but not many. ) I think that Aristotle would have been a better alternative, and would have got my vote.

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