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My Bio Has Disappeared

I spent a lot of time and effort writing my bio on here and it has disappeared. To say I’m upset is an understatement. I have sent a message to the Admin, but I haven’t heard back. Has this happened to anyone else?

ballou 8 Oct 9

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Do not hold your breath waiting for Admin, he's been AWOL for quite awhile now.
Keep a paper & pen nearby, what you wrote will come back to you in dribs & draws, then you can reconstruct it.


My experience on this and other sites has taught me that IF I have spent lots of time crafting, I need to save my work to a safe place before I post it. Things disappear and you never know if it is gremlins, glitches, or human error. At work I have a word doc with all the contents of my sticky notes, and I have lots of sticky notes. Some of the notes maybe I could get rid of, but I am not going to take the risk of having to look it up again when I need it 25 seconds ago. My bio for is saved in a word doc as well. Just my experience, your mileage may vary.


No, mine is still there. Very strange. If you made an alteration, did you remember to press"submit". That or something like that is the best I can think of.

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