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Shit stirring? -

‘A classic RINO!’: Trump tears into Colin Powell


Not half!

FrayedBear 9 Oct 19

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The idiot Trump is not fit to even say Colin Powell's name.

Aha. Powell is a hero of yours?

@FrayedBear No, just an intelligent, caring, honest patriot. Did he make some mistakes? Yes. But he was man enough to admit his mistakes. The nonly person who has made no mistakes is one who has never done anything -- which is the biggest mistake of all. But, his accomplishments far outweigh his mistakes.

@wordywalt seriously Walt? What do you consider his accomplishments to have been?

@FrayedBear If you refuse to recognize thyem, it is not worth my time trying to point them out to you. Get real!

@wordywalt Recognition & worship are not synonymous!
As the old saying goes: "one man's meat another's poison".

@FrayedBear I worship nothing and no one!


Just tRump being tRump. Same shit he did with John McCain. So predictable. Yawn! His base seems to be impressed by it.




CNN and MSNBC heard Trump.tell of Powell’s lie at the UN and they still spent hours praising Powell as some kind of a demigod?

FOX isn’t the only Fake News in town.

It's good that someone noticed. 👍

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