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I know people don't like to talk about this.....

Do we have any bi-polar people here? I would love to hear how you cope everyday and how you handle the insanity of the religious zeal in this country?

pamlamichelle 4 Dec 2

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how about anyone dealing with the religious zeal in this country? I am from Kentucky and from what I see in the media it seems to have become much more zealous than when I grew up there. I couldn't imagine moving back there. When are you guys going to vote out Mitch McConnell?

I live in Kentucky and I frigging despise "Old Turtlehead" McConnell. He gets elected by promising the people in coal country he will make sure to bring mining back- knowing full well it can't be done. About the religious zealots: we can 'proudly' say Kim Davis is one of ours. If you all don't remember, she is the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licences to homosexuals. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for what type of people who tend to represent this state the loudest.

I almost took a job in Moorehead (sp) and always thought Winchester looked beautiful when I was driving toward Eastern KY.Such a beautiful state to be marred by humanity


I'm fortunate I live in a blue state, so many people don't talk about religion. For myself I accept others beliefs and keep silent, but if the push hard I usually destroy them in a debate. Then I show them the bible scene from the west wing.


My brother was diagnosed at 19 with schizophrenia. He struggled and suffered through many hospitalizations, horrific effects of every drug, inhumane treatment from society and took his own life at age 34. I think about him every day. A brutal life. Mental health is every bit as important as physical health. It is a sad commentary on our culture that people have to feel ashamed. So thank you for bringing it up. It's like all of the "isms" that plague humanity around the world. I hope you can continue to manage your symptoms.

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Mental health truly is crucially important. So often, people's lives are sabotaged or ruined by mental illness. I've suffered with depression for a very long time, and my life would almost certainly have been very different and better without this disease.


Not bi-polar, but I do have Borderline Personality.

As for how I handle religious zealots..... for the most part I ignore them.

I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when people start the bible thumping. I don't mean the run of the mill believer... the ones who would greatly benefit from having that book shoved up the old Wazoo.


I was diagnosed a few years ago.
It was news to me until I started reading up on it and recognized the symptoms and behaviors.

The psychiatrist my GP sent me to prescribed me Seroquel to take every night and it helped knock down the manic {mainly because it knocked me out} but the lows can be worse and longer lasting.

I've already attempted suicide in the past and was hospitalized a few years ago for deep depression and suicidal thoughts, sometimes out of nowhere a feeling of dread will wash over me.
So we're working on other things to help, he loves to hand out pills, but he's dead set against medical cannabis. Go figure.

I don't react well to cannabis. Some of the medications really help me.
After I was diagnosed, I started reading and recognizing the syptoms and behaviors as well. I can tell you I understand myself a little better. It also made me understand the comment, "We love you Pam, but sometimes we need a little LESS Pam." Manic episodes at work.... gotta love them.

Find a different doctor for medica lMJ- My cancer doctor and general practitioner wouldn't-a palliative care physician did and I am sending ap in this week.

@sassygirl3869 I checked it out, and in my state they've made it so you have to jump through approval hoops yearly. Then there are annual fees before you even get close to the MJ. I simply can't afford it.

sorry to hear that-we have a $50 ap fee

Can’t you figure out a way to at least try it. Pharmaceuticals are so expensive plus the side or long term effects. Why can’t everything be tried, to find out if it works.
Good luck to you

@Melind Unlike pharmaceuticals, I can grow weed in my backyard. 😉

CBD should be legal, and should be able to be bought online. CBD is the part of the plant that does not get you high. @Paul628


I'm schizo-affective bipolar type. I don't have mania or extreme lows, I just get depressed a lot. I once was diagnosed bipolar 2. That got dismissed. I also have ADHD, depression, PTSD, and OCD. My OCD is not as bad. I just clean my living space really well, and shower 2x a day. Only if I work. If I'm off, then once a day. I wash my clothes every 2 days. I like having clean work clothes and lounge clothes. As well as workout clothes. I like to organize and I love that I am an efficient cleaner. My ADHD makes me hyper all the time. I have so much energy. I work really fast. I also can't sit still to read books as much anymore than when I was a kid. I go off the topic a lot. Since I'm an introvert at home, I talk a lot at work. I'm an ambivert. A little of both. I'm extroverted at work only. My PTSD doesn't affect me now. I don't hear voices or have disorganized speech or think I am god. I think I've been misdiagnosed because I'm not schizophrenic at all. I take Geodon at night and sleeping pills because I have insomnia. No one is perfect. I also live in an adult assisted living because my family won't give me a chance to live on my own again. I have been out a psych ward for almost 2 years now. On my birthday will have been 2 years. I will celebrate. That is something you learned about me. Oh, and I am very nice to people. Because people are assholes to me. I don't want to be like those people. I also have an inferiority complex. I get depressed at night, then go to bed and in the morning feel better again.


My sister and my best friend are.

And screw people who "don't like to talk about this"... Mental health is a real social issue.

Pete calls me up when he has an episode and explodes at his wife. He explains the situation and asks me who was right. I tell him what he has done right and wrong. He get's angry, screams and hangs up on me. No one apologizes. Eventually Pete thanks me for always telling him the truth and not what he wants to hear.

My sister is usually on the depressed side of the scale and interprets most things as passive/aggressive attacks on her and then responds to people in a passive aggressive way. I just treat her "passive peaceful". She is mad at me now and not on speaking terms since 5 weeks ago, but now things are slowly getting back to where we talk about concert tickets and the big things. Another few weeks and we will go back to acting as if nothing ever happened and as thick as thieves.

She had a suicide attempt in '05 and a scare(severe thoughts) last October(She lives about 2 hours away and called me in the middle of the night and stayed with a friend til I could get her to a hospital in the morning) and it leaves me paralyzed as far as pushing her for anything. I am the only one who has any "emotional capital" with her, other than our dad who can't be dispassionate, so I am terrified about pushing her too far. I have been nudging her to see a psychologist regularly and we have made progress in the last year, but after her attempt in '05 she would only see psychiatrists and tackle the chemical angle. I do not assume things will go back, but It is mending now, but the time to mend is ever increasing.

I don't know what to do, but I do agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying. Thank you for your concern and thoughts about it. This is how you use thoughts to help people, you share thoughts and not just talk about "thoughts".


I've known bipolar people, but I don't have much real experience or knowledge of how to get through each day effectively.


My wife was bipolar. She eventually took her own life. I never really understood it until much later, but I noticed she had a hard time laughing or showing happiness. I believe her medication flattened her out.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

From my time in the support group I learned that it can be difficult to get the proper mix. If it's too strong it can flatten you out; too weak and it doesn't work.

bipolar depression is tricky to treat

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