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LINK Woman who stormed US Capitol was 'played by Laura Ingraham' to downplay Jan. 6 attack in Fox News interview, lawyer says - CNN

Washington DC (CNN Business)A January 6 rioter who downplayed the insurrection in a Fox News interview one day after she was sentenced to probation for storming the Capitol was "played by Laura Ingraham" and manipulated into whitewashing the attack, her lawyer said Thursday.

snytiger6 9 Oct 29

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The FCC really needs to clamp down on this destructive station!

The FCC doesn't have the same authority over cable stations as it does over stations broadcast over the airwaves.

@snytiger6 From reports I have heard Fox is not news but entertainment. Lots of valid News groups also go over cable and have standards set by the feds. Even if not, maybe it's about time they were.


No mind of her own, I guess.

This is what we get by denying Free Will. After storming her home, breaking the windows and smearing my shit on her walls, she'll be interested to know that I'm being played by Malcolm X. He still talks to me and says, "Dr King was really wrong. Go for it."

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