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LINK Republicans Continue 'Hateful, Bigoted' Blockade of Muslim Biden Nominee

For the fourth time, Senate Republicans blocked the consideration of Dilawar Syed, the CEO of a healthcare AI company and President Joe Biden's nominee to serve as deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration, in the Senate's Small Business Committee. If confirmed, Syed would be the highest-ranking official in the federal government who is a practicing Muslim.

Syed is not the only Biden nominee facing a blockade — Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have put a hold on many of the president's diplomatic and national security-related nominees as well. But this blockade, according to Senate Democrats and religious advocacy groups, is different.

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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They are racist, of course they did


They are definitely hateful obstructionists.


They did the exact same thing to Obama for his two terms, even worse after they got the majority. Once Trump got elected, they expedited every scumbag he nominated, no questions asked. If Trump hadn’t been too busy campaigning for his second tern to even nominate people for half the positions, and had so many of the ones he did busted for scamming, it might have been worse.

Also in the second terms of both Clinton and Obama, repubolicans obstructed judicial appointments, in the hopes that a republican would be elected and they could fill all the empty seats with ultra conservative judges. It worked both times, which is why we now have a lot of rulings based on ideology and/or religious belief, instead of based on actual facts.


Why is it different? If it wasn't his faith, it'd be something else. The point is to make it as difficult as possible for any Democratic administration to function.

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