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Last week I made a delivery and brought the money back to the counterman who made the sale. Some of our customers are difficult and the counterman said he was just about done with them. This made me reply that they always want things at the price it was 2 years ago. That's when he told me that wasn't it. Biden is raising taxes on everything, he said. I'm not a Biden lover but you could have hit me with a hammer. Auto parts are now higher priced because Biden is raising taxes?

I was quick to point out that Biden has done nothing with the Trump China tariffs but he did leave them in place for now. The tariffs have not increased and it is the American consumer paying these taxes anyway. It always has been. As for sales tax, it remains the same. As I walked away I could hear this counterman and others murmuring among themselves. Certainly I am wrong.

At a later time I mentioned this situation to another person who told me quickly that it was Obama who started the "Trump China tariffs." WTF? What a way to avoid reality. Oh, well. I'm a Progressive living in a GOP state and stupid is as stupid does.

DenoPenno 9 Nov 8

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People seem to always brand politicians from the 'other' side with doing things they did not do or that their politician did. It's a matter of 'wanting' to believe something real or not.


That's tough to live in a red state. My state is blue on both ends, and red in the middle. I hate driving through it and having to stop somewhere.

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