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According to experts kind people are the smartest of all . Who's up for the challenge?

I've just read the following article & thought what a wonderful idea to form a new group to bring people together & result in positive change to others lives. Accordingly I've included a poll to get your opinions & ideas for such an undertaking to not just run at the December\ January period but throughout the year.


Could this be the boost to change orhers attitudes to atheism & agnosticism?

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FrayedBear 9 Nov 20

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I just simply lack the belief of personal God's. The non believers already have the fastest growing group in the world, so they, don't need much of my support. The only club I belong to is the optimist club.

  1. Did I miss the part where this has anything to do with atheism?
  2. Why would anyone think you, the guy who wants to force underage rape victims to carry their rapists' fetuses to term, know the first thing about kindness or compassion?

You really have cognitive dissonance don't you Jeff. First off - if a teenager has been raped why is she not being given the morning after pill after she has been examined & DNA evidence obtained to prosecute the rapidt?
Secondly - what has your whittering got to do with what is being put forward?

I can only conclude that you are a nasty stupid man.

And you did miss because of your obscurity that many of religious bent believe that atheists & agnostics are ugly murder advocates like yourself.
You are stepping right into their beliefs.
Mine of you have simply been verified by your vigorous support for the murdering of viable foetuses.

@FrayedBear This is all I need to show everyone that what you said was a stupid argument from a stupid, misogynistic man.

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