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I’m glad we finally are getting some justice for people of color in this shithole racist country. But I don’t think William Bryan deserves the same fate as the McMichaels? 🤔

Buck 6 Nov 25

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I honestly didn't follow the whole trial, but I'm in agreement with the verdicts, Roddy found guilty on all but 2 counts. He did nothing to stop the pursuit and killing, possibly even encouraged it and was recording it on video (I'm guessing) to help in the defense. His video actually ended up being proof of their guilt. I'm glad an example was made in this case during this time of rampant racially charged violence against, not just blacks but all non-white races in America.

You didn’t follow the trial, but you seem certain of what role Roddy played in the lynching. Must be nice to be clairvoyant....🤔

He most likely didn’t even know that the McMichaels were armed when he opted to follow them in his truck....🤔


Why is it so sad that I don't even have to ask what country you are talking about, or look at your bio to see where you live ?

Was it something I said....🤨


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