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It's like I've been trying to say, you can fault the Catholic Church for many, many things of which everyone is aware, but don't make the mistake of lumping them in together with the far-right radicalism of the Evangelicals.
Yes, their position is the same concerning abortion, homosexuality, etc., and pedophilia is an ongoing issue.
In fact, everything about their beliefs are equally ludicrous, BUT they are at least flexible and tolerant of differing points of view.
It's not much but it can't be ignored.


Can you imagine that lawsuit? The money has gone "woke." I can see this because if you do not watch it your money might wake up and walk off somewhere. It happens every day and some cases get dismissed every day. If this case is taken seriously the couple will also have bought a judge and jury.


So those two vile little shits objected because they were unable to buy that Catholic school's curriculum? Oh what a shame! I'll cry them a river of crocodile tears.


It is a shame the Vatican itself does not take this school as an example where the LGBTQ community are concerned.


Had to look up what being woke was. I guess I 'm a woke person, because I care about my fellow humans. It's better to care, than be dim witted, close minded, racist, bigotied, anti lgbt and anti abortion.


They could have put their children or child in a different school. They are a bunch of aceholes. I hope they get laughed out of appeals court.

Sounds like with their inherent need to be intolerant, they would be better off as born again or Baptists, the RC are making some efforts not to be such a bunch of pedo ass wipe hatemongers, whereas the more modern churches are doubling down on their "God Hates..." doctrines


Mmm about a year ago I have never in my life ever heard of this ridiculous idiocy called “Critical race theory” or so called “woke” or “wokeness”.

Utter laughable nonsense. But perhaps it’s just geographics and I don’t live in a place where this matters.


The judge could just as easily thrown it out from a basic business law perspective. A gift, unless they had written requirements (they didn't) is a gift and doesn't have to be returned.

IT wasn't a gift, my guess would be a bribe to make sure their idiot little angels graduated without putting in the work.
Buying your kids a degree is a grand old tradition among the monied classes, it is a widely accepted allegation that our own idiot PM paid someone to take his examinations for him, while he was stuffing his fat face in the Bullingham club

@LenHazell53 It could easily have been a bribe, but it was listed as a gift. Neither side would admit to a bribe as then both would lose more in fines.

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