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No one falls in love faster than a man needing a place to stay.

Fact or Fiction?

BufftonBeotch 8 Dec 14

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Both of my last two BFs wanted to move in with me. I have a house and they were living in apartments. Both fell in love quite quickly and both had been married at least three times. Against my better judgement, I loaned one $250 as he was about to be evicted from his apartment--never got it back.

Lesson learned: do not date poor men.

Holding down a couch all day is HARD! lol

@BufftonBeotch tell me about it! They were both interesting in certain ways, but I cannot take fiscal irresponsibility.

@Gwendolyn2018 Musicians! I love the arty ones. Most of them are always very poor.

@BufftonBeotch one of them was a musician though he no longer played in a band! He was quirky and is the only man I know who could successfully wear sneakers with Muppet characters on them. However, he was the one who didn't repay the loan. The other was a retired chef who had also played college and pro football--no idea how to manage money. I am still friends with both of them, but I am not a bank.


Nope. I would and have gone to my male friends. I have been offered a place to stay a couple of times by a couple of my platonic female friends, but I would never ask. Women do this as much or more than men in my experience.


Yep! Fact! Especially if that place to stay is an oceanfront condo on a tropical island, in a great location convenient to everything.

My ex-boyfriend came back to the island recently without a place to stay, he sure tried to worm his way back into my life, saying NOW he knows how to be true to one woman, haha! His "love bombing" eased up once he found a place with a 6 month lease and understood that "no" means "no" with me.

Now, he's schmoozing me for rides, since he doesn't have a car. I limit the amount of time I spend with him - he's got a lot more free time than me - but I help him with rides when it's convenient for me.

When he lived with me, it sure saved him lots of money in rent which he likely spent on the women he was cheating on me with, haha. Not doing that again! I may be a slow learner, and gave him the benefit of the doubt 1000 times too many, so I'm happy to close the door on that one.

Glad you dodged that bullet. Was the sex good, at least?


How about a woman? It depends on the other person and place.

A guy generally does not need a woman to profess love to provide lodging. Just the boom boom and act appropriate in public.



bobwjr Level 10 Dec 14, 2021

I looove the scammers/whatever, soooo romantic: "will relocate for the right person", i.e. he is living in his car after Mommy kicked him out of her basement

Or that last "stay" who finally figured out he was hitting on all her friends while holding down the couch all day.


That makes sense. I've seen it happen once. Did it happen to you?

Not me. I have seen it happen to friends who took in losers who then got bamboozled.

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