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Should the financial institutions closely tied to extremist Christian nationalism movement be required to pay reparations for their complicity in sedition and domestic terrorism?

Should Christian nationalists organizations pay reparations

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domos 7 Dec 15

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Bullshit..... How far back do the idiots want to take this?

Thousands of invasions, and enslavements for at least 250,000 years.... Time to get real.

Sounds like you are a solid no vote.
Exactly what are you referring to when you talk about "250,000 years"?... I'm pretty sure the United States of America is not that old.


What collateral "damage" could there be, other seditionists might get hurt too? How is that not all good news?

Christian nationalism is just one religious set amongst many in American society today. There are many religious groups that are far more constructive to their communities... As such, any policy that treats all religious groups equally and yet effectively deals with Christian nationalism will likely have disproportionate impact.

An example of such policy would be eliminating religious tax exemptions.

Even though I think such a step is necessary... There is no denying that more benevolent or at least less harmful groups will suffer disproportionate hardship.

@domos Why should we care? If they want to be tax exempt, then those operations should be completely divorced from their religion, ya know if the goal was actually helping people not proselytizing... Also, any group getting tax exempt status (which I personally think should be zero) should be completely transparent, have limits on employee compensation packages, have tons of oversight and zero influential political or religious ties.
If there were no tax exemptions for anyone or anything, there would be no tax loopholes for anyone to exploit, which could both lower the tax rate and provide tons of social programs so people wouldn't need to rely on charities.

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