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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Toonman 6 Dec 19

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Trump is the lead guy.

These assholes existed LONG before Trump came on the scene. He's just just a magnet.


We already have a "Mens movement" it's called history.
It's like when someone asked me why white people don't have a "white history month" they didn't understand they already have that and it's every month that exist that's not black history month.

Yep. I drew the picture because I got sick and tired of incel bullshit.

I've said elsewhere on this platform that the Red Pill is a laxative. After you take it nothing but shit comes out.

You hear them all the time, "Females don't like me because I'm a nice guy."

Incels are not nice guys. They're not particularly self-aware guys, either.

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