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Man. I thought the Mormon religion was weird.

snytiger6 9 Dec 21

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Nuts isn't it

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 22, 2021

As I listen to this, I think:

  1. What overwhelming need do humans have to fill that makes them follow something so crazy?

  2. Why don't humans question the motives of others more often? Why do we so blindly trust?

  3. Why do we trust others so much more over our own internal instincts?

Humans are animals, with animal instincts. Humans evolved as herd animals, gathering in groups for safety. Most humans still feel an instinctual need to belong to a group. It makes them feel safe. That is the primary thing that keeps all religions going. It isn't the ridiculous beliefs, but the instinctual need to belong.

The problem is that most humans are not aware they are driven by animal instincts. Because humans have the ability to think rationally, they mistakenly think that humans are rational creatures, when they mostly make decisions based on emotion (emotion being the manifestation of our animal instincts).

A person can teach themselves not to react emotionally, but most people don't see or understand a need to do so.

@snytiger6 It's interesting, in a perplexing way, how so many humans are not, or at least will not, recognize this need to belong and how it plays out in their lives. All you have to do is look around you (and not very far) to see all the groups/tribes that form from this need to belong. Of course in America, it's used to make money by way of groups that form devoted to certain brands and labels. I was just in a conversation on Facebook about South Korea's Kpop industry. People, especially Americans, are fascinated by it. Really, it's not much different than how a religion works, or a corporation trying to build a loyal consumer base with a brand. Bring people together around a "certain something" beit sports team, music group, belief system, give them a group identity and a sense of belonging, and the $$$$$ start to roll in.


What, only 10!?


I don't think I want to know.

You probably already do. This is a great rundown but I have been aware of Hubbard for a long time. His followers are dangerous but that seems to be a thing for zealots.


What a sicko!


Scientology is simply the most successful example of organised crime, hiding beneath a veneer of affected religious "respectability"

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