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The Case Against Santa Denialism

LenHazell53 9 Dec 27

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Santa is a democrat hoax...


I do believe the speaker is boring


I got nearly half way before I finally gave up under risk of dislocating my jaw, by extreme yawning.

Sorry you found it boring, I've been listening to Sisyphus 55 for a few years now, he is one of the most intelligent philosophical satirists on YouTube, I will not post from him again since his work is not appreciated here.

@LenHazell53 I've always liked satire but there's something about his depth of analysis that turned me off.

Remember people are much more likely to say something critical than they are to praise. That means there may be some silent appreciation of this post.

@Lorajay You did not get that it is a parody, using all the tired old (and well debunked) arguments for the necessity of god, only using find and replace to switch god with Santa? And then, as is the essence of good comedy, playing it completely straight?

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