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LINK Ex-Oath Keepers spokesperson warns of right-wing 'propaganda'

Die! Die rightwing-propaganda-dispensers. Goebbels rises again! NOT!

Mooolah 8 Jan 6

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You better inform the FBI.

They already know.


Besides , his decision to rage-quit does not change the fact that he has been replaced by someone else.

Silence should never be confused with permission.


I read the article.
He is just distancing himself from
Democrat Richard B Spencer and
the Republicans who ran over a fat white lady.

I understand his reasoning.
No one needed to die over something so petty.

The media hype has gone too far. Idiots are trying to flash mob over unverified data and end up killing their own over it. Why worry about strawmen when your own alleged friends are too enthusiastic about friendly fire ?


Oh, I would bet on it. We're already seeing it, I think. This means that we have to be smarter than them and I think we've got that sown up. We just have to make it very well known that we are. I think strategy is going to be very important for this election and Dems need to get disciplined about it. We tend to get distracted by every sob story instead of staying on the bigger issue and gQP is great at exploiting this fault. I think we should focus on only 3 issues: The crimes of 45/Insurrection, the threat of Theocratic Law to protect an Oligarchy, and preparing for climate change. If that doesn't save our a$$e$ then I'm unsure anything else would have so it has the most bang for the buck.

And don't call them "deplorables" tho they are.

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