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POLL Reclaiming "Identity Politics" for Class-Based Movements

Yes, this is what I've been saying. Human Rights for all humans (within USA but, hopefully, the world will follow). Possibly it doesn't sound so problematic coming from her?

Officially define a human being and, then, pass Human Rights For All Humans legislation. Model it after The Bill of Rights. Feminists, and POC, don't seem to like this idea, however. I get flack all the time about being racist or misogynistic. Aren't those folks human? Then how is this going to hurt them? ITM we make full use of all funds and energy going into every single minority groups coffers. I suspect the jobs have something to do with why these groups are against doing that. This idea, alone, would solve most of our divisions by resolving the questions.

Capital Idea, rainmanjr

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rainmanjr 8 Jan 7

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Agree, agree, agree


Who knows. It might work if it could get passed. However, I'm sure it couldn't pass.


A sophisticated "I don't see color" post. Snort.

Yes. Very snooty. LOL


Identity allegiance is stupid.

So is denying the rights and opportunities of even one human in an identity.

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