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My brother adopted a chimp. That made me a monkey's Uncle. I was angry until the chimp got together with some friends and wrote a hit play. "Of course I took a whopping cut and pauperized the lot."

rainmanjr 8 Jan 9

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When I was a teen, a thick highway of ants appeared on the kitchen floor. Back then, a poisonous syrup was sold called Antrol. We poured a line of this syrup across the highway. In the morning, we found that the ants had brought sand grains and piled them into the syrup until they had a bridge to walk across. Which ant had that idea, much less conveyed instructions to the rest?

Still earlier, I saw an article about a woman who had been rescued by a Japanese fishing boat in the open ocean. The crew spotted her on the surface, and supposed she was clinging to a floating drum or other object. When they came up to her, they could see that she was being buoyed by a large sea turtle. When she was safely aboard, the turtle disappeared.

Intelligence seems to be everywhere except in humans. That always sounds like a joke but I'm not kidding.

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