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Without it getting thrown back at ya. Just sayin..

mistymoon77 9 Jan 10

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Yes, but sometimes people can harbor the pain of something said and not throw it back at the person, suffering in silence instead. Either way, it's wise to be careful what we say, especially since much of what we say is in a digital memory somewhere.

I know that when I would "throw words back" at my ex-boyfriend, I'd actually look them up in our old texts or emails to be sure I quoted him correctly! For better or worse, I have lost the capability to look up the old texts, but it was time to let all that bad history go anyway. I like to think we are different people now, and we are no longer in a relationship, so no sense fretting about the comments he used to make. I guess that goes for all the things I remember from when I was younger too -- some good things - some bad things.

I still remember compliments from strangers from long ago that had a positive influence on me. I remember someone who barely knew me, said she could tell that I "strive for excellence" in what I do. While that may not be 100% true, I still find her comment keeps me on task sometimes, when I need an extra mental push. I try to pay that compliment forward when I see the opportunity.


That was certainly true with my wives! 😂

Life could be a dream If we could only find a guy that would always say the right thing. Or if guys could find a woman with memory issues

@Lorajay My former partners knew I often forgot the details of what I said (but I always remember the feelings behind the words). I often got accused of saying things I knew I could not have said. But who was I to argue. Sometimes one has to just suck up certain things and let them slide.


You also have no idea how what you say can be twisted in someone's mind.

@ChurchLess LoL, twisting was a lot of fun.


A very true & accurate point.

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