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POLL Comedians Pay Tribute to Bob Saget

Jackson Browne sang that, "In the end there is one dance you'll do alone." (For A Dancer, the most beautiful song ever written). I believe that. The end should belong to you and you alone. I didn't watch Full House and only passingly know of Bob. He seems to have been someone fun. So it goes.

What about Bob?

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rainmanjr 8 Jan 12

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Many people don't know that Bob did A LOT to raise awareness and money for the fight against scleroderma.
It killed his sister and he became a vocal advocate for those afflicted with the disease.
That was how I first learned of it.

It's an absolutely insidious disease.
One of my dearest friends has it, and it's a fucking nightmare.

Bob did a lot for people besides making them laugh.
He will be missed.

Thanks. Good health to your friend.

Thank you for sharing. I wasn't aware of his philanthropic work

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