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Time to tax the non-believers.
Put in philosophy as I wish to pose this question

Are we about to enter a new "Dark Ages" where one ideology totally dominates over all others, with no room for dissent?

puff 7 Jan 13

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A bad situation with things getting heated on both sides. Anti-vaxxers continue to be that way because of ignorance and no trust in what is being done. I'm vaxxxed and also had Covid a year ago. Now that OSHA has new rulings for America it has changed things in the corporation I work for. We must all wear masks again. Yes, all of us. Big fine if we are caught without the mask. Those who remain un-vaxxed will have to be tested every 7 days and the corporation will not pay for these tests. That is because they want to force everyone to get vaxxed.

Let me add that you have no Constitutional rights here. Companies and corporations can set any standard that they like. If a person does not agree with this they will simply have to move along. The individual has no power to change any of this except through protest and arbitration.

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