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Joe Biden begged people to vaccinate. Guess who she blames when COVID hits her hard


She asks people to pray, okay, I pray she dies before misleading others to their deaths.

Prayer doesn't work, but the virus does.

nogod4me 7 Jan 15

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Karma, the clock that's right twice a day.


I try to be a compassionate person--really, I do--but, in this case....all I can think of is...


Love, Brenda Bitch

It is compassion when it is saving many from a fool's delusion.

Isn't that why we disparage religious beliefs?

@nogod4me Hadn't thought of it that way. So....really....I'm Mother Compassionata....

@LucyLoohoo Indeed, I agree.

@nogod4me "Sisterhood of SNICKERS and SNORTS?"


Unbelievable, he tries to save lives and she complains

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 15, 2022

Marie Antoinette is rumored to have said, "Let them eat cake." I say, "Let them die or be maimed for life." The difference between what Marie said what I say is that the poor folks couldn't get cake (or bread) but people in the USA can get vaccinated.

(Also, I am not queen of France and still have my head.)

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