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A week ago I bought 2 cans of soup and they were both bad. The one can had old chicken and old noodles in it and I ended up throwing it away. It was not edible in my opinion. The second can of soup was mostly all soup. Only a third of ingredients were in that can. I'm only out about $3 here so I could just forget it, but that's not how I operate. I want to help improve things and when people get away with this it only gets worse.

I end up talking to a man on the phone who is most likely in India somewhere. There is a communication problem and he seemed reluctant to fill out the forms and write down the can codes, but we got through it. Two days ago I got a phone call and the man told me they had determined that my case was an isolated incident. How nice. Think on that for a minute.

An isolated incident would only mean that I am the only one to have gotten this bad soup. Nobody else. Just me. I was told that because of this there is nothing they can do. Bullshit. I have done it already by going this far with it. After too many isolated incidents someone will be forced to take charge and change things in quality control. This is because the squeaking wheel gets the grease. Greed is why these things happen in the first place.

DenoPenno 9 Jan 16

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There is a small diner close to where I work. They make everything from scratch. They started making soup, I do not usually order soup as it can be mediocre. Here I have been a convert, they make the best soup I have ever had. If they have soup when I show up for lunch, I get it no matter what they call it. So far no disappointment. Today, I was hungry and had two bowls. I think it was a potato turkey but I am not sure and did not ask.


I return such items to the store where I bought them. I have always gotten my money back.

I used to do that also but this was Walmart and I am now forced to walk a mile to go get my own product again. They most likely believe nobody would do this to save $3. I keep the fight going because it is all about food quality and if we do nothing they get away with it and we get shitty food.

@DenoPenno Walmart has always refunded my money. However, I don't have to walk to return the items.


Reminds me “ lazlo s letters “
I red that book 27 yrs ago when my English weren’t good enough , now u made me look for it on Amazon 🙌

My remark about bad English and guessing that the person was from India was made only to show that stores now farm out questions about American quality control. In this case I feel that the soup was made here, but a lot of our food today comes from other countries.

@DenoPenno Lazlos letters was about all the letters he wrote to different companies and their responds ! It’s hilarious ! The guy was soo funny , writting letters to Hersey bcz he found a broken m&m let’s say in the bag .

@DenoPenno I can’t believe the price of it on now days

@Pralina1 I would not buy it at that price. You reminded me of Father Guido Sarducci from TV. He was a fictional priest created by Don Novello. I read a book written by Novello in which he did the same thing in writing letters. Most of them were funny as hell.

OMG! I had to come back and edit this because it is Novello who wrote the Lazlo Letters. Novello was a regular on Saturday Night Live for a while. You and I must think alike. 🙂

@DenoPenno 🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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