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This is the day I am giving up driving. It is enough. My eyesight is going, so is my reaction time. And no, there is no public transportation to speak of. I will rely on the kindness of friends and relatives and otherwise not go anywhere. Another step towards Valhalla.

Spinliesel 9 Jan 18

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That sounds like a good decision and might save your life or the life of others, if you were to get in accident as a driver without good eyesight or reflexes, so good on you for that.

Sounds like you're lucky in that you don't need to go many places, that's a goal of mine as well, and that you have nice folks offering to drive you places.

I've been giving rides to a friend who also recently gave up driving, and it gives us time to spend together, often stopping for a meal or a walk somewhere, since he doesn't get out much. So, in a way it enhances his life to have friends taking him places, though he's also lucky to live where there is a senior van and public bus nearby.

Since the pandemic, there have been more restaurants and stores delivering, or offering curbside pick up, making living without running errands out in public much easier. Hopefully you'll have an easy transition into not driving.

Yes, Julie, i have learned to love the delivery services. Aldi's is a good one, and I tip my person well.. The systems fall down when it comes to drug store deliveries. My painkillers and my insulin are not eligible for delivery, so I ask my daughters also afflicted with the same disease, and can look forward to the same problems. Thanks for your thoughtful input.


I love woody and arlo Guthrie. Didn't know there were chidren's songs, but this would have been my kids. Sorry you aren't able to drive with your vision. I wonder if they have senior transportation. I hope your friends step up and help. It is nice to drive with others.

Something to consider is also the effort it takes ti to untangle oneself from the driving universe. Besides insurance and registration there is also the EasyPass, AAA and who knows what else. And there are the grandchildren who beg me to give the CR-V to them, This is another thing I did not consider.


Good wishes…I hope you have plenty of kind friends and am sorry that you don’t have a good public transport service where you live.

Yes, I do have a slew of friends and neighbors who will take me. The important fact is that I do not need to go so many places.


I've told my kids I will stop driving when they pry the car keys out of my cold dead hands. I think I may have lied, time will tell.

I used to think that way but I am aware enough to recognize that don't need driving anymore.

@Spinliesel I still have the need to drive, and live too far from my kids to rely on them for transportation. I WFH, but once COVID is over I am sure they will want us in the office once in a while. And then all the miscellaneous details of modern shopping and suburban living. I can't give up the car quite yet.

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