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The South Lawn has just come under attack by landscape gardeners. A rectangular section of lawn 18yards by 30yards is to be enclosed by an even pathway that is 0.6 times the size of that lawn portion. Can you guess how wide the pathway will be?

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll event space.

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waitingforgodo 7 Jan 21

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1 yard. Prove me wrong.

It would ironic if a steel man approach gently massaged that answer.

@waitingforgodo Bear in mind that I am oxygen following surgery so my mind is not getting the amount of oxygen that it should and indeed be gentle with me.

Also, I am unable to recommend kidney stones or ureteral stents.

@LovinLarge I promise the answer will not leave you breathless.

@waitingforgodo I would like to know the answer and how you arrived at it. I very much like this type of problem but my best days are behind me, intellectually. The men I like the most are the ones who can make me feel stupid (in a good way) and there still aren't many of them.

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