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If it weren't for the fact that 200 million vaccinations have been given, and there doesn't seem to be a bunch of Democratic zombies taking over the nation (or whatever the Cons think is going to happen from it), I would say this injection is worth the risk. It seems to be keeping more people alive than turning them into some kind of Mr Hyde. Besides, what the fear of medicinal injection should demonstrate is that we are all guinea pigs, all the time, and a toll is being exacted. This can't be made safer with a privatized system (as the opioid family proved) but a public one makes it open to scrutiny. Maybe we should make it public?

rainmanjr 8 Jan 22

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I had a good friend at my work who had been in an accident and had back pain. Coming back from Christmas break, I learned he had passed away from Oxycodone combined with wine. He left behind a two small children and a pregnant wife.

Sorry for your loss.

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